Friday, March 7, 2008

I feel well...really well...and have done for a week now.. (well except for a nose full of cold sores)
BUT....I was disappointed to find that my white cells are low...... and I may not even be able to have my next round on time....I am praying they rise enough....but I have decided to have my blood test a day I can get the results before I drive all the way to Adelaide....because I couldn't bear the thought of driving all that way to be told to come home again.

Work has changed too..... they cant take the risk with my white cells they have taken me off the road until after my next blood test.....I pleaded with them.....wanting to just drive for the jobs....and to get my partner to attend.....but they refused saying we are a team and therefore I need to be able to safely attend patients regardless of how infectious they are.....and they dont want me exposed.... Im not sure what this spells for me now.....maybe office work....but gone will be my beloved shifts..... so time will tell.

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