Wednesday, September 19, 2012

.. the next instalment in my quest for health.

So my testing showed a number of things... these included....

altered ph - acid imbalance
poor lymphatics
low immune
carb and sugar intolerance
leaky gut
too much lactic acid

Most of these would be a direct result of chemotherapy... anaesthetics and the squillions of antibiotics I have had over the last few years. Added to that my diet has been far too high in processed foods and garbage over the years.... and even though I've made recent changes....the damage had been done.

So the plan.....

Begin the day with lemon juice in warm water
Some supplements to heal my leaky gut and boost my immune system
Add Himalayan salt to my water for better absorption
Exercise gently 30-60 mins a day....nothing strenuous at this stage.
Magnesium baths at least twice a week
Eliminate as many avoidable toxins as possible.
Eliminate all processed foods...alcohol...tea and coffee (except for one quality black espresso a day)
Eliminate all sugar including fruit and alcohol
Eliminate all grains
Eliminate all dairy
No potato...pumpkin...corn...mushrooms or peanuts
No vinegar of any kind.

These are on my EAT list..
vegetables 80% or my diet
Green juices
Meat and eggs (No pork)
All herbs and spices
Seeds -chia and linseed
Nuts - brazil....almond or walnuts
healthy oils....coconut...olive and flaxseed

This is for 12 weeks - it takes me up to the 17th December
Then I will have another reassessment and hopefully reintroduce a few foods.

As you can see ....this is a lot of changes.....and it became totally all consuming.
My head went into a spin....I had an internal dialogue going constantly...
" can do this.... you are in control.....this is what you need"
then a minute later...
"This is ridiculous....who can do this?"
"Of course you can....its only 12 weeks"
"Omgosh Ill be hopeless....what will I do when I eat out?"
"Just think of the health benefits.....some people would give anything to just be able to heal with a diet change"
"How do I know this is even correct advice?"

The doubt crept in... this was to be such a huge change....and I wanted to be certain it was sound advice.
So I consulted Dr Google....and this added to my panic...
Now I was in complete turmoil....what should I do?

So I sought an independent opinion.....
The lovely Manon was so generous with her knowledge....and took the time to thoroughly answer all my questions....and there were many....believe me!
I feel like I cant thank her enough..... I felt reassured and confident that I was on the right path.....and that made all the difference to how I felt about it all.

So....I kicked off on Monday.....
I hope to keep track of my progress over the next 12 weeks.

As I said....this blog is mainly a record for my self.
I dont expect that it will be all that interesting for others..... however if you do pop by....or have something you have experienced.....or a recipe that may fit my diet Id love if you left me a comment.
Mardi x


Jenny said...

There is no doubt Mardi... you are a strong and inspirational woman... good luck with the diet changes... and yes... I am sure I would be having the same internal dialogue :) but good on you for moving forward with this... I look forward to reading more...

Jenny x

Lissa said...

Hi Mardi, I met you a few years ago at a Scrapboxx retreat (although I wouldn't expect you to remember me) thanks to you and your everyday blog, you've inspired me (and hubby) to take up the Sarah Wilson 'I quit sugar' challenge as well. I saw it on your blog and was impressed with your quest for good health and eating. Your posts have encouraged me to eat better for myself and ultimately for my family too. I also have issues with not feeling the best as I can and I'm trying to change that. I've always been relativly active but still struggled with my weight. I'm up to week 4 of the quitting sugar programme and I'm noticing small changes. I would love to follow along reading this aswell and want to say 'good-on-you' for doing this for yourself. We are strong women and it takes courage to make these huge changes to improve our well being (even when we aren't entirely sure it's the 'right' way) Thank you Mardi, thinking of you and like I'm 'in it' with you... Lissa

kim said...

Ooh I love that you are documenting this so I can come along for the journey too.

I'm so glad Manon was able to ease your worries and concerns and like any major change, there will always be questions. We don't dive into things without research and making well thought through decisions and you have done that here.

It's interesting that you have to add Himalayan salt to your water - that was something my Bowens lady said..and I had my hand on a box of it to buy yesterday at the farmers market place i was telling you about, but I ended up not getting it as I wanted to read more about it before buying!

While your detox doesnt leave as many options for you, I KNOW you will get creative int he kitchen again and come up with some great ideas using such basic ingredients.