Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week one....

So here is a little run down of my first week....

Breakfasts have included - eggs and spinach..Green veg juice..Quinoa with almond milk...chia pudding and  I also adapted my favourite Sarah Wilson Granola recipe .... I just left out the coconut and rice malt syrup and added in flaked almonds instead. Its very nutty....but that's ok.

Lunches have included - Mini Frittatas ...poached egg on spinach toast... and lots of enormous green salads.

Dinners have included - Lemon and Dill chicken... baked cabbage....pan grilled fish with stir fry vegies.....shepherds pie with cauliflower mash...Roast organic chicken with root veg and a giant green salad.
I even made a lamb Korma dish.... it required way to much stuffing around for me.....I had to toast and grind all the spices for the curry mix.....then blitz all the fresh herbs.... make the meat balls.....make the sauce....combine it all together.....I then made cauliflower rice to serve as a side. It filled the house with the most delicious smell... but when we went to eat was a little too spicy for us...and neither of us particularly enjoyed about a waste of an entire afternoon.

I also played with some salad dressings....
This avocado dressing was lovely....although I swapped the vinegar for lemon as vinegar is off my list of foods.
I also made this Paleo Mayonnaise....once again swapping the vinegar for lemon.

Snacks have included - Brazil nuts...almonds and celery with almond paste...exciting huh!

I have kept up with the magnesium baths...
walked each day....mmmm..well almost every day.
Drank lots of water with Himalayan salt...
Developed a love of Tulsi herbal tea...
My one vice....I haven't limited my coffee as much as I need to....eeek

How have I felt?
Like I've been hit by a truck!
I've had an enormous headache.... but I have resisted the urge to take painkillers.
I have had waves of dizziness like I could faint.
I am covered in a fine red rash
I'm tired... and grabbing a nap every chance I get.
Thursday was my worst day.....I had a nose bleed on and off all day... my head literally thumped like it was about to explode.
Thankfully that was my turning point..... and I have begun to feel a little better since then.

It is quite normal to experience a worsening of symptoms in the initial stages of a detox... it means the body is eliminating I'm looking back over the week thankful that I've started to shift some of those toxins from my system.....I must be on track.

I also popped to the farmers markets.....and stocked up on lovely fresh veg.
Then... I was very excited to talk Hubby into turning some of the back lawn into vegie patch.
We already had small one....but I wanted to go is a photo during the process.
I cant wait to get it all planted out.
So that is week one done and dusted....
I do think that would have to be the hardest week..... not only did I feel so unwell....but I was still trying to get my head around what I could and couldn't eat.....I spent a lot of time searching for recipes I could adapt....and experimenting in the kitchen. In all honesty the only things I made during the week that I really enjoyed were the basics..... green salad and fish or chicken.... the avocado salad dressing.....the modified granola....and the spinach toast is quite nice with an egg on top.
(Purple carrots....yum!)

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Cherie said...

Well Done Mardi,

I am not that strong, I'm sure I would have given up already.
Keep it up gorgeous girl.

Cherie xoxo