Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week two....

I'm still chugging along with my detox....
although this week hasn't been an easy one....with quite a few meals out.
Even though I planned as much as I could.....I did find it tough...and wasn't quite as perfect as I hoped to be. Ian reassured me.... they were only small hiccups in an otherwise clean week...
so instead of worrying.... I'm just continuing on.

Breakfasts have included....Quinoa with almond milk and a spoon of granola...
and my latest favourite....egg with avocado and flaxseed all cooked in a smidge of coconut oil.

 Lunches have mainly been cold chicken and salad.... or leftovers.
I also made a yummy red onion and thyme frittata which went nicely with salad and paleo mayo.

Dinners have mainly been stir fry veg and meat....  and I also made my own version of a Pad Thai.... entirely from Vegetables....I enjoyed it so much I made it again to take to work the following night.

I've added the recipe as a bit of a memory jogger for myself.

Parsnip Pad Thai
Grate a couple of large parsnips and a large sweet potato using the food processor
Mix through some finely sliced spring onions and an egg.
Fry this in batches with some coconut oil until browned and them move to a large bowl.
Add to this some bean sprouts... chopped coriander...and toasted pepitas.
Season with salt and pepper.
(I have no doubt Ill make this again.....and perhaps add whatever I have on hand....I think some chilli would work well too.)

I have made time for a couple of magnesium baths....
I  had a lymphatic massage
I've continued with my supplements
I've only walked a couple of times..... I've been a little slack in that department.
I have been indulging a little too much in my coffees....ooops.
and we have been out for dinner three nights in a row.
The first night was fine..... I drank water....and took along a roasted beetroot and spinach salad which I ate with some BBQ meat... no problems.
The next night was Megs 21st birthday party..... it was a delicious sit down meal....
I weakened and had a couple of white wines to celebrate....and I also had a small piece of the gluten free carrot cake....otherwise I ate clean.
Then tonight we ate at the club for a friends 18th birthday....I stuck to the grilled fish....and plain veg and worries there.....but I also ate some hot chips....and didn't say no to the piece of birthday cake.
So rather than dwell.....Ill just get on with it...
my quinoa and almond milk is ready for the morning....and I am as determined as ever.

How have I felt?
I've had days where I've felt energised....only to feel flat as a tack the next....all in all though I'm sure I have turned the corner.
I have lost 2 kilos - not that weight loss was even a priority.
I am aching a lot less
I am sleeping better
I feel a lot less blah
Now if I could shake off the fatigue factor Id feel great.

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Manon Keir said...

You're doing well Mardi!!! Might have to try that pad thai this week, sounds good!!