Monday, October 29, 2012

Week six

So typical...
Just when I make a bold statement that things are on the improve....I go back to having a crap few days again...... its so frustrating.

However this time it made it a little clearer to me that maybe it was the Tamoxifen that was contributing.
I had stopped it for a few days and improved....then recommenced taking it at seemed ok for a few days then bam.....back to aching....tired....and feeling like I was dragging a body of lead around.

So....I thought I would pop myself off to my GP to ask his opinion on whether he thought it wise to stop it for good....or not.
I should have known his answer before I headed in there....lets just say he wasn't to happy about me stopping it....and thought it was a very unwise decision.... however I explained that I was fairly sure it was the cause of a lot of my recent he agreed to me trialling a month without it.
I didn't leave unscathed though....he took bloods to check for everything.... just as a precaution to make sure there is noting underlying.... I'm sure there wont be.

So in the later part of the week..... I picked up again....  the aching energy returned...and other than my burning upset stomach that seems to continually rear its ugly head despite the fact I've cut almost everything from my diet......I have felt a lot better.

So this was my weeks fruit and Veg haul.... $34.00 filled two bags .. you have to be happy with that.
I don't include much fruit in my diet at the moment.....but the rest of the family do. I bought a punnet of mulberries....OMG they were so delicious....and reminded me of my childhood...sitting in the branches eating them until we were dyed purple all over.

I made another batch of happy crackers....
 these are so nice spread with avocado as a quick snack with a bit of crunch.

I popped some green leaves into the dehydrator with  olive oil and himalayen salt....
I didn't have Kale so I made beetroot leaf chips.... these are lovely for when you feel like a little (healthy) salty snack.

So last weeks goals were to ramp up the exercise..... which I did gently...I made it to one gym session....walked....and even checked to see if I could still do my 4km run....I was delighted when I made the entire distance at a steady jog....I wont mention that it was such a hot afternoon that by the end of it I was exhausted and couldn't face the 4 block walk to I phoned Ian and asked him to collect me in the car.....he thought I was ridiculous and I  doubt Ill ever hear the end of it...LOL

I kept up with some green smoothies....I find these are a nice alternative to lunch for me if Im busy.
I bought a free range chicken and Ian boned it for me....I then turned this into  almond crusted chicken schintizels... a pot of chicken vegie soup.....and the remainder is marinating in a butter chicken sauce mix which I will make for dinner tonight....the aroma in the fridge is delicious.
The rest of our meals were mainly grilled meat and salads...
just simple food dressed with olive oil and sea salt and the odd sprinkle of flax seeds.

I made the crackers but entirely forgot to make the salad I must try that this week.

I want to thank all of those who are following my little health overhaul and who have left me such lovely comments.....I stupidly didn't realise that email notification was turned I apologise for not acknowledging your comments.....I will certainly do so over the next few days.

This week.....increase my exercise.... make the salad dressing....include some green smoothies/juices.....continue on as per my now normal regime.

Its also nice to know Im over the hump....Ive waved goodbye to the midway marker and Im heading toward the finish line.

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Mardi said...

I hope I didn't stuff up the comments section when I frigged around trying to get email notifications ... Let this be my test ... Happy weekend everyone xx