Monday, November 5, 2012

Week seven -

Phew.... what a relief...this week was a turning point.
A few things happened this week....
Firstly....I left off the Tamoxifen...
I got my blood results back.....all normal (as I knew they would be)
Plus.....I had an appointment with another Naturopath ( one that Mitch has had great success with)

This was so enlightening....
I was reassured when the blood testing he did had very similar results to my first bloods.
However.....he also ran some other tests that I hadn't had performed before...
and he added some further problems to my list.
He believes me main problems are....
which interestingly are usually accompanied by Candida....which I was previously diagnosed with.

I had never considered anything like Copper being a problem....but as we discussed where this overload could have originated from I realised that for the last 10 years we have been drinking rain water collected from our roof....and in all this time we have lived alongside vines that are sprayed frequently with Copper sprays to prevent mildew and funguses.
These sprays are not harmful in themselves.....but as they build up in our system they become toxic and problems arise.
It is interesting to note that Mitchs problems also could have been exacerbated my copper....and Briony has long been complaining of some minor problems which are all among the list of copper toxicity symptoms.
I spent days reading about these two conditions..... and I was gob-smacked by how much the symptoms sounded like me....

So.....the treatment plan....
My detox diet does not change....although my reading did make me query a few things...quite a few of the foods I regularly eat like almonds and avocados are high in I am unsure if I should be cutting them out or whether the amounts in food are negligible in the scheme of things.

I have been started on a high dose Vitamin C
Plus two herbal potions....I call them potions because they come in a little brown bottle and are fairly hideously flavoured.....although I am getting used to the taste of them slowly.

Everything else I have been doing remains unchanged.

So....within a few days of my new potions....I woke and felt better....I had strength in my muscles...and I actually felt energetic like the old Mardi.
Is it the new potions?
or is it that I am no longer taking Tamoxifen?

I will continue this week as I am...but next week I will resume the Tamoxifen and see what happens.
That will be my final test.... if the aching and lethargy returns....I will not take it ever again....and will be forced to look for another more tolerable alternative....or just take my chances. wise this week.....
Pretty darn boring really....the BBQ was in full swing....with salads or boiled veg on the side.
I did make the raw sunfower seed and lemon mayonnaise recipe I had been waiting to try....and I enjoyed it.....Ian wasn't a fan....but I liked it poured over steamed veg as well.
Its simple to make....its totally raw.....and healthy....and the recipe was from Hallelujah Acres...a site that the lovely Jacqui mentioned in a comment on an earlier post.

I did have another little detox diet blowout...
I somehow feel the need to 'fess up'....I want to keep my journal honest....and to share the fact that I am normal....and even though I have slipped up occasionally....I still just jump back on the wagon....and continue.
This time I chose to have the blow out.
I knew this weekend was going to be huge.....and I knew I would have some challenges with it.
Saturday night I participated in the Relay for Life.... it meant we walked laps of the oval from 2pm on Saturday....until 9am on Sunday morning.
Obviously I didn't walk every minute of this time.....but it was still a lot of walking....and a very long night.
I did well with snacks....I wasn't tempted by any of the lollies or cheese and crackers....I stuck to my water....and vegetable chips. I chose my dinner well....I stuck to the indian spicy vegetables and ate the inners of a cajun chicken wrap.
However I did have a pancake with strawberries....and at 3am I craved a hot chocolate....and decided to have one.
Then on Sunday we attended a Melbourne cup luncheon at the club.... so once again I indulged in a few non-detox morsels.
Did I enjoy them?
Well its funny really.... I was looking forward to something different....something I thought I had been missing.....and yes I did enjoy them.....but almost immediately I felt bloated...and yuck.....and I wished I hadnt eaten them.....I was craving a salad...something to take away the blah feeling.
I also developed a could be related to lack of sleep.... or dehydration....but in my mind I relate it to the food I ate....I hope next time I am tempted I remember these feelings and opt instead for something healthier instead.

So this week I want too....
Increase my water intake....
Keep up my increased exercise...although once again it was suggested I don't overdo it during this healing period.
Keep up the green smoothies / juices
Try and source an affordable water filter for our rainwater tank.

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Jenny said...

Wow Mardi... this is so interesting... especially with the copper toxicity... and so awesome that you are feeling some benefits... will be interesting to see how you go introducing the Tamoxifen... way to go with Relay of Life... hope things continue to improve...

Jenny ♥