Friday, January 31, 2014

week four

Just a quick check in this week...
I am running late.... but that's ok...
I was just looking back at week one and realising how much improvement I have actually made.
My back / chest has improved a lot.
Its not perfect yet and I made another trip to the Chiro this week which may have helped slightly...but its a marked improvement from a month ago.

My one big and constant success has been my diet...
is it cheeky to say I have been pretty spot on with it.
On the few occasions I have eaten out..or had poor food choices I have not enjoyed the feeling afterwards and its really cemented in my mind the impact that my food sensitivities have on my well being.

I have found that I feel well when I avoid..
 dairy (although I do tolerate small amounts of skim milk)
reduced amounts of salicylates
and only small quantities of grains.

My diet is predominately vegetables.. lean meat and small amounts of fruits.

My weight this week..... finally down 400g
(however I am not hinged on the number....seeing as I am fitting back into some tight shorts with ease and hadn't lost anything on the scales at that stage/) 

Exercise - a couple of gym sessions...although I am finding too much impact causes my back to ache.
I had intended to ease back into running this week but I am a piker....the weather is ridiculously hot....and I want to ease into it...enjoy it...and stick with I have given myself a leave pass until the heatwave passes.

I am thinking next week might be a good week to re-check my measurements...and maybe increase my gyn sessions too.

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